Source Code of Cloud Drive

Due to the unstable nature of Acrobat’s service, we have stopped working on CloudDrive for quite some time. But I still got emails from CloudDrive customers from time to time. So I decided to open the source code of CloudDrive to help some programmers who are working on similar projects. Click to download the source code of Cloud Drive

The source code is written in C++ on Windows OS, and can be compiled directly on Visual Studio 2008.

Cloud Drive is coded based on Document Service API Reference. However, Acrobat's document service is not completely consistent with its API description. So, sometime you still need additional effort to figure out how it work.

Here are some technical skills you can learn from the source code of CloudDrive.

The source code is under Apache license v2.0. I am not an expert of Open Source licenses, and always confused by the awkward description in the license terms :(. Basically, you are free to use the source code in any free or commercial software .

NOTE: no technical consulting support is provided for the source code, if you do need a support(paid service and only available when I am free), please email me.