Start Guide

1. Login
When you start up CloudDrive, you will be asked to input your registered email and password on Adobe Acrobat Free Online Storage Service to login.

If you do not have an account on, click the “sign up” link or visit to sign up for a free account. The sign up page is very simple and friendly. Only your email, password, name and country are required.

After that, your mailbox will receive an confirmation email from acrobat. You MUST confirm your email to activate your account.

Now input your registered email and password in the login form and start to experience CloudDrive!

When the first time you logged in, probably there are already several files in CloudDrive window; All of them are Acrobat’s ads, you can delete them all.
2. Upload Files
There are 3 ways to upload files or folders:

a) The most convenient way is: Drag the uploading files and folders in windows explorer, and drop them in the CloudDrive window. Done! Is it too easy?

b) Copy&Paste: Select the files and folders in windows explorer, right click, select “copy” in the context menu (or Ctrl+C). Go back to CloudDrive window, right click, “Paste” (or Ctrl+V).

c) Click the “upload” button in the toolbar, select files in the popup dialogbox, then click “open” to start uploading. NOTE: you can not upload folders through this way.
3. Download files
Select files and folders in CloudDrive window, right click them, select “Download…” from the context menu, pick up a folder in the popup dialog, click “OK” to start download.

NOTE: Drag files/folders from CloudDrive to windows explorer is not supported yet. This feature will be included in the future version of CloudDrive.
4.Other operations
Double Click a file will start to download the file to local computer and open it using local application.

Double Click a folder will get into the folder.

Click the "Parent Folder" button on the toolbar will go back to the upper level folder.

Click "Delete" button will delete selected files/folders.

"Create Folder" are supported.


Latest News


For programmer,the source code of Cloud Drive is available for free now.


Cloud Drive won “The best free software of 2010” by PC Magazine.


Folder related operations are broken due to Acrobat’s unstable service. We have upgraded it to GDocsDrive.