1. Is Cloud Drive Free?
Yes, this software is completely free.
2. Is the online storage free?
Yes, Acrobat offers 5GB free storage for each registered account.
3. What's the relationship between Amazon Cloud Drive and this Cloud Drive?
No relationship at all! Our Cloud Drive is based on Acrobat's cloud storage service and has no relationship with Amazon.
4. When I try to create a folder in Cloud Drive, or upload a folder to it using drag&drop, always failed, why?
Sorry, due to some changes of Acrobat's service, folder related operations are no longer valid. Actually, folder operations used to work well and was designed to be a vital important feature of Cloud Drive, but it is not supported by Acrobat any more. And we have no plan to continue work on Cloud Drive and suggest you to try GDocsDrive
5. Is it safe to store my files online?
Yes. You can trust Adobe Acrobat more than your hard disk. With CloudDrive, all network traffic are SSL encrypted, so you do not need to worry about data interception.
6. Is there any limitation for the file to be uploaded?
Files larger than 50MB sometime cannot be uploaded successfully, though Acrobat declares there is no problem to upload any file less than 2GB. We will find out the reason and solve the problem in the future version.

Due to the limitation of Acrobat document service, there are several formats are not supported yet, like MP3 files(it seems MP3 file cannot pass acrobat's antivirus checking). Future version of CloudDrive will support any file format.
7. 5GB storage space is not enough for me, can I have a larger space to store my files?
There is a workaround: you can register more than one account on Acrobat.com, each will have a 5GB free storage apace. So the total space you have is : 5GB * the number of your account.
8. How can I upload a bunch of files and folders?
Drag them from windows explorer and drop them on Cloud Drive.
9. Is there a requirement for my computer?
Till now, Cloud Drive can only run on windows XP, windows Vista and windows 7. Some mobile platforms will be supported in the future.
10.Is there a support service for CloudDrive?
There is no official support service for CloudDrive, now. However, if you have any suggestions, bug reports or problems of using CloudDrive, please email us. We are glad to hear any feedback from our users.
11. How can I get the latest update for CloudDrive?
You can visit Cloud Dirve's website: www.driveoncloud.com to get the latest version. Automatic upgrade will be supported in the future.
12. Does the Cloud Drive program quit when I close the CloudDrive window?
No, when you close the window of CloudDrive, it is minimized to a system tray icon at the bottom-right corner on your desktop and continues to work in background. To quit the program, right click the system tray icon and select "exit".
13. Sometime, Cloud Drive is not stable, why?
The current version is 0.68, which means there are still bugs in it.

Another reason is Acrobat cloud storage service has some yet unknown limitations for uploading and downloading. It also perform virus scanning for all uploading files which probably block some requests. And, the complexity of the Internet and your network environment can also lead to occasional loss of data.

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For programmer, the source code of Cloud Drive is available for free now.


Cloud Drive won “The best free software of 2010” by PC Magazine.


Folder related operations are broken due to Acrobat’s unstable service. We have upgraded it to GDocsDrive.